Pulmonary Hypertension

Drs. Mark Gladwin and Gregory Kato have long studied the mechanism and treatment of pulmonary hypertension in patients with SCD:



Drs. Gladwin and Kato are now leading a national trial of a nitric oxide mimetic drug, riociguat, affects adults with SCD, in partnership with Bayer:

A Multi-Center Study of Riociguat in Patients With Sickle Cell Diseases.
Clinical Trials Identifier: NCT02633397.
Sponsor: Greg Kato, MD

Dr. Gregory Kato and his lab group study how free heme induces erythroblasts to secrete placenta growth factor, which promotes pulmonary hypertension.



Drs. Karin Potoka and Mark Gladwin study the effects of other nitric oxide mimetics on pulmonary hypertension in the sickle cell mouse.


Drs. Novelli, Isenberg, Gladwin, Zhang and Kato have found a genetic association for the thrombospondin-1 gene with a marker of pulmonary hypertension in SCD.