Sickle Cell Research Meeting Schedule

The Sickle Cell Meeting is held on selected TUESDAYs at 3:30pm via Zoom, unless otherwise noted.  To listen to presentations and view the slides of past talks, CLICK HERE.

For more information about this conference, please contact Dr. Enrico Novelli.


January 26Tomasz Brzoska, M Pharm, PhD
Purinergic signaling-dependent platelet activation associated with acute versus chronic hemolysis
Laura DeCastro, MD, MHSc
Sickle Cell Disease and COVID 19 infection, an update
February 23Katherine Wood, PhD
Cytochrome b5 reductase 3 is a resilience factor in mice with sickle cell disease, modifying the brain-blood axis response to ischemic stroke

March 30Darrell Triulzi MD
The Sickle Cell Disease Cardiovascular Risk: Red Cell Exchange Trial (SCD CARRE)
Maureen Mburu, MD
Nonhematopoietic Nrf2 Deficiency Worsens Chronic Intravascular Hemolysis but not Cardiomyopathy in Transgenic Sickle Cell Mice
April 27Samit Ghosh, PhD
Peritubular Endothelium: an important piece of the CKD jigsaw in SCD
Bethany Flage, MS
The role of hemoglobin variants in Plasmodium falciparum sexual differentiation
May 25Deirdre Nolfi-Donegan, MD
Hypercoagulability in Sickle Cell Disease: Linking Hemolysis to Thrombosis

June 29Rimi Hazra, PhD
Vasculo-Neuronal Interactions in Sickle Cell Disease